Bring STEM education to life

Microduino Power Pack: All-inclusive lesson plan and electronics education kit includes everything needed to teach basic and mid-level electronics and coding.


STEM made fun

Microduino electronic building blocks deliver hands-on learning. Each module supports drop-and-drag programming, including Arduino IDE, for any skill level. The pieces magnetically snap together for quick, easy assembly. With the Microduino Educational Power Pack educators can:

  • Cultivate interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) with simple tools that animate projects with function and purpose.
  • Provides function with each electronic building block and sensor such as movement, lighting, atmospheric data collection and more.
  • Teach the basics of automation and programming while planting the seeds of engineering, creativity and design.

Bring Microduino to your school

Create a problem-solving culture
Problem-solving, decision making, and the ability to effectively prioritize tasks all derive from critical thinking. Tomorrow’s jobs are contextual, not task based. The best employees will be problem solvers able to think fast on their feet with the analytical, transferrable skills necessary to succeed and grow.

Charting a course to prepare young minds for the future begins with understanding where we’ve garnered tangible success. A recent Collegiate Learning Assessment Plus test (CLA+) found that 40 percent of college seniors lacked complex reasoning skills needed in today’s workplace… with one exception. Those students who majored in STEM—Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics—scored significantly higher in reasoning and problem solving than all others including those majoring in business, the most popular college major.

Cultivating complex reasoning doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. And Microduino learning kits make it fun. Built into every kit is everything you need to nurture a budding engineer, programmer or inventor, while drawing out problem solving skills needed in every day life.

Learning critical thinking begins with context
“Thought processes are intertwined with what is being thought about,” says American educationalist Daniel Willingham. “Critical thinking is not a skill. There is not a set of critical thinking skills that can be acquired and deployed regardless of context.”

Successfully cultivating critical, scientific or even Socratic method in children requires a frame of reference. Ideas must relate to those things with which students are familiar, or subject-specific content must be taught in tandem so that there is logical, practical connection to the process.

Microduino learning kits are founded on the latest research data on successfully cultivating critical thought in learners, as well as teaching students the transferrable ability to gather the necessary data points for decision-making in any context.

How do we do this? First, our project themes are everyday objects that learners have probably already wondered how they work. We then take learners down the path of step-by-step discovery to understand the simple building blocks of making, for example, a night light that turns on in the dark. Finally, students are rewarded with a successful, working project to acknowledge the completion of the project, locking in the knowledge with reward.

About Microduino

Since 2012, Microduino is a leading manufacturer of electronic building blocks and modules. We take great pride in our product and have worked hard to build a community of makers and electronic enthusiasts of all ages and skillset. We invite you to join us and test the bounds of your creativity and ingenuity.

As the world becomes more and more tech driven, such knowledge will only become more valuable.

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