About Microduino

Founded in 2012 and Headquartered in the United States, Microduino Inc. is a global company that designs and manufacturers digital electronic building blocks which are connectable to a large selection of digital input and digital/analog output devices.

Microduino’s growth has been the through growth in many markets.

Our initial market was focused electronic solutions that greatly reduce the time it takes from concept to operational demos or prototype level working designs by allowing the designers to select the specific Microduino technology components they need, put them together, program it and go. The Microduino postage stamp ‘DIY’ form factor was ideal for allowing selection of individual postage stamp sized technology components, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Temperature, Real-time and more to then be ‘stacked’ into a single operating, Arduino based system.

Microduino additional markets opened up after creating the ‘mCookies’ from factor. Compatible with Arduino, the Microduino Series blocks are packaged in multi-piece kits that allow users to build, animate and control objects that they construct. Kits also include interactive components that sense physical attributes and output devices. In its most popular form, mCookies are stackable, magnetically and electronically connectable combinations and color-coded to easily identify the functional family type. mCookies are physically compatible with LEGO blocks. Connected in stacks, mCookies are available into the consumer, maker space and educational markets as components and/or in convenient and popular kits including our flagship product ITTY BITTY CITY.

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The most recent expansion for Microduino is in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) related products which is now growing in popularity in many countries. Microduino’s mPuzzle, mPie and MIX kits are a full range of classroom kits that provide an ever increasing levels of sophistication in electronic technology education including programming

Microduino recent awards include Time Magazine named Microduino 1 of the top 5 STEM education kits to teach kids engineering and coding, Gold winners of the 2016 IDEA awards by the IDSA. Microduino modules are on permanent display at the Henry Ford museum of Innovation, One of the “Five Best Things” from the World Maker Faire.

About Microduino

Since 2012, Microduino is a leading manufacturer of electronic building blocks and modules. We take great pride in our product and have worked hard to build a community of makers and electronic enthusiasts of all ages and skillset. We invite you to join us and test the bounds of your creativity and ingenuity.

As the world becomes more and more tech driven, such knowledge will only become more valuable.

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